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Salford Associates LLP, is proud to be part of the local accountants community and will be advising businesses of all sizes from start-ups through to corporate.


At Salford everything we do is based on our commitment of Driving Lifelong Prosperity. This flows through all we do for both clients, staff, and everyone associated with us.

We take a long-term view to maximise all round benefit. We are much more than just accountants. For our partners and employees this is how we create a secure working environment in which we can all continue to learn, grow and enjoy success.

  • We put our clients at the heart of all we do.
  • We aim to be accessible and responsive.
  • We provide clear and practical advice.
  • We aim for the highest quality.
  • We strive for continuous improvement.


Supporting both clients and staff in achieving their goals and potential. Actively listen and be respectful, helpful and promote positive team work.

All of our stakeholders feel they can come to us with anything. Friendly and accessible with an open-door policy

We are the professional liaison transforming your needs into reality

Growing business with our stakeholder’s faith

Free from third party undue influence and fully commit ourselves to our client business and create a professional partnership.

Our reliable service is the precondition for client trust

Ethical Acceptability among Business Instructors acting as a pathway for our success and client satisfaction

Mission and Vision

To provide professional and ethical services to our clients


Salford Accountants are here to provide a hands-on approach to assist with growing your business. We value each and every one of our clients irrespective of their requirements or size and this is being proven by our continual client referrals despite newly incorporated firm and this is refueling to our success. We believe we are ideally placed to help push your business on to the next level.

With our team of professional accountants, who are always on hand to give guidance on any financial or business queries you may have. We will never move away from our friendly approach and ensuring that everything is explained so that our clients fully understand the information and advice we are providing.

As a firm we plan on continuing to grow further and to achieve this we believe investing in the right people is imperative. We enjoy providing a great platform for trainees to learn and develop themselves, while opening up opportunities for them internally. We have the upmost confidence that this process contributes to Salford having a happy settled workforce who will relish working with our clients.

Salford Associates

Why Choose Us?

We help you find the solutions that add long-term value, whether as a business or individual.
Of course, we have an all-encompassing range of accountancy services – from audit, payroll and taxation through to corporate finance; but our professional knowledge is always supported by advice, customized to the specific needs of our clients.