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High quality audit services are a priority for our team; a comprehensive external audit can provide you with knowledge and insights that can benefit your business decision making.

We aim to stay ahead of the game; we are always looking to use the latest technology to provide you with an efficient service. AI is set to be a game-changer across industries and we are excited to embrace the change it will bring to the audit and assurance industry.

Financial Advisors

Understanding you

We believe in building constructive relationships with our audit clients in order to make your experience of audit as pain-free as possible.

To deliver a smooth audit process for your business, our accountants are fully trained in developments in auditing standards and the use of our paperless audit software.

Assurance reports can also be produced for those companies that may not require a full external audit, but need some form of assurance on the company’s financial statements.

How can we help you?

Whether you are above or below the audit threshold, your business is unique and there are many reasons why you may need or want an audit services.

Whatever your reason, we have the people who understand your audit requirements, including for:

  • – Listed companies
  • – Large corporates&Small corporates
  • – Global business sectors
  • – Manufacturing& Trading
  • – Gold and mining
  • – Petroleum distribution
  • – Subsidiaries of overseas companies
  • – Public Protected Cells “ PCC “
  • – Parastatal bodies
  • – NGO
  • – Intellectual property
  • – Charities and not-for-profit entities
  • – Grant claims